Welcome to BlueAssist, a simple system to help anyone who finds communication hard to get their message across and 'Dare to Connect' .


Bonfire night and the weeks around it are a great time to have a party, let off a few fireworks, create smoke from a fire and cooking bangers and have fun. Well for many people it is but for some it is the exact opposite.


For those who suffer Combat stress or Post Traumatic Stress disorder it can be the exact opposite. The sounds , smells and sudden flashes can bring back images that sufferers would want to forget. They may need to leave the party, move out of the area, go somewhere quieter and safe but not be able to do ask for help to do so.

BlueAssist cards and Free phone app can be used to do the talking for them. A simple message such as: images/300/Firework message.png  shown to a friend or partner can explain for you when words may not be easy.

The app is free to download check out the page Get BlueAssist to find out how to download the application or print off some BlueAssist cards. If you think you will need more please email us and we will send them out to you free, no need to explain why.

For everyone we hope you have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire night and through the weeks to come as we prepare for Christmas.


BlueAssist is a very special system that is designed to help anyone who has difficulty communicating no matter what the cause, to find a way for asking for help, or making a request when out and about. If you have problems speaking, or suffer anxiety that makes it hard to speak, or you do not remember things well BlueAssst can help. 

Please browse our website to find out all about the people we help and how BlueAssist can change lives. If you have any questions please email barbara@blueassistuk.org.uk.

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