Welcome to BlueAssist, a simple system to help anyone who finds communication hard to get their message across and 'Dare to Connect' .


BlueAssist is a very special system that is designed to help anyone who has difficulty communicating no matter what the cause, to find a way for asking for help, or making a request when out and about. If you have problems speaking, or suffer anxiety that makes it hard to speak, or you do not remember things well BlueAssst can help. To find out more why not let one of our partners First Trans Pennine Express show you how it can be useful when travelling just click on the picture of the leaflets .  But it is not just for transport visit the What is BlueAssist page  to find out more.

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 First Trans Pennine Express are not the only rail company that promotes BlueAssist Check out our Getting About page for more information.



Please browse our website to find out all about the people we help and how BlueAssist can change lives. If you have any questions please email barbara@blueassistuk.org.uk.

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If you want to launch BlueAssist in your service then a core strategy is to train your staff in the ethos. We have been delighted to have done so with Northern Rail trainers and a more enthusiastic team you could not wish for 

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