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This section features various blogs outlining what we are doing at BlueAssist and why and how we are doing it, as well as life experiences, stories and advice. From fun and frivilous to heartfelt and meaningful these blogs chart the work of BlueAssist and the ups and downs of living with disabilities. If you think you might have a story to tell please contact us with your ideas at info@blueassistuk.org.uk

The Great Christmas Fundraiser

The clocks have just turned back and winter is upon us once again, which at the BlueAssist HQ means only one thing, the Christmas Fundraiser has arrived. This year the Trustees decided to set themselves a challenge - who can raise as much money as possible between November 1st 2018 and January 1st 2019. On January the 1st we will work out who has raised the most and that person will win a box of chocolates and a sense of pride, (chocolates kindly donated by our CEO Eleanor... the sense of pride will have to be earned!).

So how will our brave band of Trustees be achieving this loft target? Well that would be telling, currently they are all at the planning stage, so watch out on our social media for their various schemes. Or check out the Seasonal fundraiser page. Over the coming month we will be blogging our efforts, endeavours and adventures. So look out for baths of baked beans, coffee mornings, walks of great lengths and other escapades. On the Seasonal Fundraiser page we have links to the giving pages of our Trustees and BlueAssist Giving page. We ask if you are able to give something (mostly because otherwise our Trustees are just going to be sat alone in baths of cold beans for two months looking a bit silly!). 

Some of you may now be asking why we are putting ourselves through two months of  challenges, and the answer is simple- BlueAssist supports people to lead independent lives regardless of disability or difficulty. Through the donations and support we are able to supply cards and the BlueAssist app for free to anyone who needs them. Every penny raised in the campaign will go back into keeping BlueAssist running and free to those who need it.

Barbara's Fundraising Story


When we were deciding on whose story should feature first in the Christmas Fundraiser Blogs it was pretty obvious that we should start with our Chair of Trustees and the reason for BlueAssist UK existing – Barbara. She has worked tirelessly to expand BlueAssist since we started and whilst she may look like a sweet mild mannered woman we are certain she will face this fundraiser with the ferocity of a tiger.


I sat down with Barbara to ask her a bit about what she was doing during the Christmas fundraiser and what makes BlueAssist such a wonderful cause to raise money for:


Q1. What are you planning on doing for the Christmas Fundraiser?


I am going to hold a virtual coffee morning. Encouraging people to say thank you to their friends, family and colleagues who have helped them over the past year and to then donate the price of a coffee or two to BlueAssist.


Q2. Are you excited about the challenge?


Yes I am. This is a way to raise funds for a great cause, but also a reminder that we all need to say thank you. The bonus of this is as you say thank you and catch up with friends you both feel good. A little like the BlueAssist principle, if you help someone who is finding communication difficult and is using a BA card or App to gain help. They feel good as their message has been understood and you feel good for understanding them and helping. It is a win-win from both sides, and with my fundraiser it is also a win-win, we raise funds and everyone feels good.


Q3. What do you think will be the hardest part?


Getting in touch with enough people. Which takes so much time. Although I can do a general post it will be so much better if I join in as well and thank everyone individually.


Q4. How competitive are you?


Very. Not only do I want to win the chocolates I want to raise a large amount of money for BA.


Q5. What makes BlueAssist such an awesome charity to fundraise for?


Because it focuses its funds on the core objective of helping those people who find it hard to communicate. That the charity has an ethos of providing this voice for free.


Q6. The most important question – How much do you want to win the box of chocolates?


Very much! Enormously much!


So if you have a friend or family member you don't get to see very often why not donate to Barbara's fundraiser; just click on her photo and be taken to her Virgin giving page.

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