You can download and print as many of the BlueAssist cards as you would like just by clicking on the BlueAssist card below. This will open another window as a pdf file with three cards on it. Just print this out, cut them out and fold in half at the middle so that you have a front and a back. You can stick the back to the front if you want to. These are then ready for your messages. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.


  images/223/BlueAssist card master blank.jpg    

BlueAssist is also available as a telephone application on all main phone systems, Android, and  iPhone. You can find out more about downloading the app for an iphone on the page  Apple playstore

We normally have links to take you directly to the stores to aid download but these have been withdrawn for a short while whilst we undergo an upgrade. They will be back soon, please be patient with us.  

This upgrade will not affect you if you already have BlueAssist on your phone.

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At BlueAassist our volunteers, staff and Ambassadors are something special.

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