We want to make BlueAssist FREE to all who need to use it. 

You can download and print as many of the BlueAssist cards as you would like just by clicking on the BlueAssist card below. This will open another window, just print, stick the back to the front and use for your messages.

                                                                     images/223/BlueAssist card master blank.jpg ----Click on this card to go to the download page.

If you would like a large number of cards, perhaps for a group or school, please contact us to discuss what you need, just send us an email to info@blueassistuk.org.uk

If you would like to have BlueAssist on your phone you can do this two ways. With both ways you will need a smartphone which can have applications added to it. This can be an Android phone, or tablet , or it can be an IOS (Apple) Iphone or Ipad.

You can have BlueAssist Light which is FREE. This is a simple version of the BlueAssist Application which allows you to use the BlueAssist with 2 messages at any one time. you can change one of these as often as you like.

To get BlueAssist Light click on the images below or go to Google Playstore or Apple Store on the phone and type in BlueAssist Light note if loading onto a tablet or Ipad you must enter phone app) .

          images/125/sq_play store icon.png                                                                                     images/125/sq_Appstore.jpg

The following screen (or similar from AppStore) will appear. Follow the instructions and the programme will not only download it will give you a tour of all it can do.

images/300/BlueAssist Lite screen shot.jpg With the FREE version you get access to two screens, one a general request for help which you can connect to an emergency telephone number that you choose. The second screen you can change as often as you want to make the message for you, and there are three symbols you can use to help you recognise the message. 

To edit the message by clicking on Extra messages at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up an option to edit or go to a new website for BlueAssist Cloudina.images/223/sq_How to edit the page.png You need to click the YES button and this will let you change the second page. To change the emergency telephone number please use the settings button on your phone (normally at the bottom on the left) and you will be given the choice to change the number and also to create a temporary lock on the second screen. If you have any difficulties with the system please do not hesitate to email us at info@blueassistuk.org.uk and we will be pleased to advise you.

If you feel you want more messages and want to change the way the message is displayed there is a second version of BlueAssist for smart phones or tablets where you can have multiple pages, and a wide range of messages and images .images/223/sq_Asking for help when shopping jp.jpgThese are written on the computer (or tablet) and transfered to the phone, and the application on the phone can be adapted to become more individual. This is purchased from Cloudina for a small monthly fee which both pays for your information to be stored securely in the Cloud, but also provides a donation to BlueAssist to help others have the cards and Light version free.

Just click on Cloudina to visit the website and find out more 

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