BlueAssist is not just about people who are finding it hard to get their message across, it is about everyone. We all have a role to play to help make our communities more inclusive. 

Everyone should think about how they can support others. 

We have some simple guidance in how to support someone who has presented a BlueAssist message:

- Do read the card or phone message but then look at the person , they may be lip reading.

- Do speak to them not anyone who is with them, it is their message not the carers/ companions.

- Do not assume that a person who does not look disabled does not need your help. If they are using a BlueAssist message they do,        their difficulties may be hidden from view, but are very real.

- Answer the message using clear speech, but don't slow your speech down too much it just makes you sound funny.

- Respect them and do not chat as if they were litle children, even if they are asking for a lot of help they may be exceptionally bright.

- Pause when answering a question to give the user time to process all you have said.

- Check they have understood , particularly if you are giving any directions; for example where the bus stop is, or which way to go to the library.

- Check if this has helped, if the answer is yes, then you can move on happy in the knowledge you have helped make your community a little bit more inclusive.

- If the answer is no perhaps it is time for the person to use their phone to call someone who knows them for assistance, you might be able to help by explaining to this person what the problem is; for example if the user is feeling lost you could explain where you are standing, it may help the person on the phone to get the user back on track. 

Thank you for helping BlueAssist to support people with difficulties to become, or remain more independent.

There are many other ways you can help support the work we do. BlueAssist is a charity and totally dependent on the funds it can raise to provide the support to people who need the BlueAssist message. We do this Free to all users no matter who they are. We would love you to come and join us check out the Fundraising page for more details of how you can join in. 

If you do not want to join fundraising but still want to help then do talk to us. We have a growing band of voluteers who provide much needed to support to the very small group of staff who keep BlueAssist UK growing. Read about our current BlueAssist volunteers and find out about what they have done and how being part of BlueAssist has been important to them. If you would like to join us contact and we will be in touch, No matter what your skills we will be pleased to have you join us.

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At BlueAassist our volunteers, staff and Ambassadors are something special.

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