However you are getting about we have started to make links with the travel companies so you can be sure that the staff will know how to support you.

We have just set up a partnership within Northern Rail. This has begun with training their trainers so that they can share the BlueAssist ethos with all 5,000 staff. As you can imagine this will take some time but their accessibility training is such that they will be able to help you on your journey. The BlueAssist training team found the Northern trainers some of the most enthusiastic and committed to accessibility. We know the system will be shared well and soon you will be able to feel totally confident to use the system on Northern Rail.



images/223/TPE Logo.jpg   The First Trans Pennine Express train company who cover the north of the Country and all the way up to Scotland are the first company to be involved with making the cards available at their stations and are providing training for all their staff in how to respond. We are pleased to be working with them and will share more of their experience on our Keep in Touch Page

 First Hull trains have also joined and have trained all their staff. They provide BlueAssist cards at their stations so pick one up there.


images/223/sq_Brighton and Hove buses.jpg Brighton and Hove buses have their own 'Helping Hands' cards for on the bus but the drivers are also trained to recognise and support BlueAssist cards.



images/223/sq_Metro buses.jpg Metro buses from Crawley to Brighton and into Kent are also supporting BlueAssist users.

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