Volunteers join us with all types of skill and all ages, and we are grateful to every one for the contribution they make. 

Read some of their stories and maybe you would then like to join us too?

Michelle Coombs:

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"When I first heard about BlueAssistUK I instantly thought "What a brilliant idea".....to enable people with either physical disabilities, mental health issues, or people with communication problems to get out and about independently in the world, without having to have a carer present - but with the reassurance of help being available if needed....."This has got to work, and how can I help? ".
As a volunteer for BlueAssistUK no two days are ever the same. I help with any general office work, filing etc. I also help spread the word about this fabulous charity through the use of the modern media, Twitter and Facebook. This was all new to me - but I'm now a competent tweeter, and also update the Facebook page with any interesting news. 
Becoming a volunteer for BlueAssistUK has given me an insight into the problems faced every day by people who are often isolated from their communities. After time taken out of the workplace to bring up my children it has also helped to give me confidence in my own abilities and help me to alleviate some of my own anxieties(specifically travelling alone).
I have "Dared to Connect"."
Megan Fellows
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"I loved working with BlueAssist and the sponsor company Cloudina’s apps.  To me, it’s amazing that this product allows people with intellectual disabilities, particularly autism, to become as independent as possible.  The apps on offer are really effective and are so simple to use.  Talking to clients, I can see they find it so effective.  Furthermore, everyone I have talked to likes that they can personalise the apps to an individual, by picking their own pictures and also by using only the apps they need.  The charity is such a worthwhile cause and I think the apps are the best products out there to help people gain some independence. "

Congratulations to Megan on reaching the grand old age of 18 !! 

Lynda Goacher
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Sarah O'Donovan
images/223/sq_Sarah Volunteer.jpgI just want to thank you for the opportunity of work experience with Blue Assist and Cloudina last weekend at the TES Special Educational Needs Show. It’s such a simple concept and the design reflects that.
Easy to set up, and as personalized as you want it be – why limit those who cannot communicate for whatever reason from having a
personal voice? Being able to communicate is something that many take for granted and this app opens up a world of possibilities. It is such a simple solution to help people towards greater independence and inclusion and I was very pleased to have the opportunity to share something I am passionate about. The empowerment that comes from something as simple as being able to order your own cup of coffee. It was wonderful to show parents, teachers and coaches the potential of Blue Assist. I learnt a huge amount from the experience, and it was wonderful to be with Eleanor and Barbara who are so passionate, I will continue to spread the word! Thanks again,’

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At BlueAassist our volunteers, staff and Ambassadors are something special.

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