The simple answer of where you can use it is EVERYWHERE. 

Whether you want to use it to buy a ticket at the local train station;images/125/sq_Buying a ticket for the train.jpg or on the bus 

images/125/sq_Asking directions station.jpg Checking out where you need to go.

Or buying a drink in the local cafe images/125/sq_asking for a drink in the cafe.jpg BlueAssist can provide that all important message.


If you are looking to get about visit our Getting around page to see all the travel companies who now have staff trained to recognise and support BlueAssist users. 

We have teamed up with other charities and organisations to make sure that you can have support using your BlueAssist message; those signing up is growing every week. Do take a look at our Partner Page.

But do not worry if your local organisation is not shown there, we have found that the BlueAssist card is welcomed in almost every place.

If you find this is not the case then let us know and we will try to help. 

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At BlueAassist our volunteers, staff and Ambassadors are something special.

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